North node in sagittarius astrology for the soul

Don't be afraid of voicing your opinion. Always trust in your intelligence. You were meant to spread peace in this life. Your fullest potential lies in cooperating with others, in bringing everyone together as "one. Work with others in loyal partnerships.

The Moon’s North Node: Your Soul’s Blueprint

When conflict separates people into "us versus them," you are the one to bridge the gap. Life your life in harmony, forging the bonds that connect us all. In this life, you are meant to realize the full extent of your spirituality. The answers lie in a higher power. Connect with the divine and unveil greater truth every day. You cannot be concerned with earthly matters. Rather than seeking material pleasure, your happiness and potential is found within your soul. Let go of luxury and allow your spirit to roam free.

You aren't meant to stay in one place.

Travel all throughout the far reaches of the world, meet new faces, and let philosophy be your guiding force. Monotony and routine will drag you down. You need spice in life, variety, and adventure. Life each day according to your truth and work on speaking with integrity. You are a wild soul. Do not get bogged down by societal expectations.

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In this life, you are meant to become self-sufficient, independent, and business savvy. Move past your need for affection and companionship. Pave your own way and build your own success without help from others. Become a leader and push others out of their comfort zones.

North Node in Scorpio – South Node in Taurus

Always be logical and motivated. Do not be a baby who needs coddling. Instead, be the boss. It's not about you anymore. In this life, you are meant to spearhead revolution and sew the seams of society back together. You are the humanitarian we need. Embrace your eccentric, individualistic flare and empower other "weirdos. However, if they can let go of that need for control and allow their own vulnerability to surface, they can actually find the security they seek within themselves through that ultimate taking responsibility for self of allowing their truth to be acknowledged. Acknowledging their own feelings also enables them to better understand the feelings of others and their innate gifts of nurturing others and self can shine from a secure place.

North Node in Leo can bring a desire to receive love.

With this trust in self and taking delight in the joys of the heart, they create their own happiness and find the love that is so sought. North Node in Virgo brings a perception beyond the masks of others, and compassion for what is seen. Despite showing a strong front, they are actually very sensitive themselves. If their focus remains on the needs of the other and they help from that place rather than worrying about how they are being perceived, they actually help themselves as well, with a deeper trust in self, and naturally shine in the process.

North Node in Libra brings a desire for the light of appreciation to shine on them. If they can look selflessly to those who recognize their light, and give selflessly of their light and energy, this is what will reflect to them the light of appreciation and recognition they seek.

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North node in Sagittarius

When they give freely of their light they have a natural gift to energize and uplift others. Strong self-identity — when used to support others — brings inner satisfaction and glow. North Node in Scorpio brings a desire for financial stability and acquisition to feel comfort, vitality and security.

There is a need to develop self-discipline to bring about an inner sense of security, which in turn will enable them to embrace change and flexibility to share with others and loosen their grip on the status quo — this freedom will lead to the security and vitality they seek. Trust in own intuition and understanding of what is perceived in the unseen.

Desire to feel both confident in themselves while being connected with others. By following their own innate intuition in the moment, they find that very confidence and harmonious connection they seek. North Node in Capricorn brings a desire to feel safe, protected and cared for, for a sense of belonging. Through taking charge of self — that which can be controlled, and developing own sense of self-respect, brings alignment to higher principles, and the desired feelings of safety and belonging.

Desire to be in love and adored. Let go of the need for self and others to follow a rigid plan of their own making. This is actually the harmony they seek. For more ReWilding articles and ReWilding livestreams, join our free facebook group. Hi Debbie! You were born to seek and embrace the authenticity, including finding and welcoming your authentic self. Your Cancer South Node often means emotional issues are difficult for you. This has left a residue of insecurity around you that has to be overcome in order for you to achieve the greatness and the stability that you were born to experience in this incarnation.

They see your devotion and your dedication, and want to be like you, full of purpose, full of goals and ambitions. With your Leo South Node, you may come over as being superior and aloof, and that will alienate people rather than draw them close. This placement has the potential to be such an enigma! You want to be creative, to appreciate beauty, to be dreamy and romantic and fanciful, but then the Virgo South Node rears its head with a harsh dose of reality, practicality and criticism. The criticism comes from somewhere either in the recent past or in other lifetimes, when you had to rely on your sharp assessment of things in order to survive.

Look to Virgo to anchor you, then spread those Pisces wings as wide as they want to go, and know that with some dedication, you can make any dream a reality. Working with your North and South Nodes opens up a door into your past, and your karmic lessons for this lifetime. Your karmic lessons are what give this incarnation direction and purpose, and studying the node - what planets influence them with aspects and transits, what houses they fall in in your natal chart - all help you find your way forward, and turn your life into a wonderful adventure to be lived, and not a problem to be solved.

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North node in sagittarius astrology for the soul
North node in sagittarius astrology for the soul
North node in sagittarius astrology for the soul
North node in sagittarius astrology for the soul
North node in sagittarius astrology for the soul

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