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Last year I was stressing over my taxreturn it was held up. I watched a tarot video and the girl said I went to tell the reader but i couldnt remember who it was. I would have bought a reading. All I remember was she talked hood and it was the month of april , she was accurate as fuck! I like Louisiana Lu.

I love stormie too! Worth looking at ScarletMoon,WAlu child,gamersastrologyzone, kareemspiritworks, and sal biadora.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

I'm looking for an astrologer who is accurate. I'm a sagittarius. Thanks x 1. Jan 22, 7. Tanna Alonza. Jan 22, 8.

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Pam Georgel. That's my bish!!!! She be on point with her lil crystal ball lol. Jan 29, 9. Jan 29, Sasha Bonasin - He was accurate for me many times, but for January, it was a bit of a miss. Angel Souls - I love her spirit. She seems like a great woman. Her readings are always enlightening. Runescopes - Her readings are in depth, but they can be a hit or miss.

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Carol's Universe - This is my first time listening to her readings. We'll see what happens. Intuitive Tarot - Same as above. Queen of cups tarot. Feb 2, Carol's Universe and The Quietest Revolution. Carol's love readings are usually very accurate for my sun and moon sign and I've also had a personal reading with her that was on point. The Quietest Revolution is good when I'm looking for a general reading. I like Scarlot Moon - I follow his weekly readings as well For tarot strictly, I have not found many that will show them doing the shuffle and spread and I don't really trust it when the reading starts with the cards already laid out.

It's for fun anyway but at least do that for me lol. Feb 4, Feb 10, Super highly recommend International Tarot. Apr 27, Apr 28, Family members taking advantage Pam Georgel just read my Leo life!! Ok just checked Pam Georgel's April reading I'm spooked people! Kath, of course, has the real ashes, the memories, the unbearable grief. Did you know that T. Eliot wrote a poem entitled "The Triumph of Bullshit"? Of its pages, approximately nine hundred and sixty are devoted to commentary, and I cannot imagine a more meticulously annotated book of TSE's greatest hits.

I meant to review it nearer its pub date last December, but to do it justice would require forty seminar hours. The commentary and notes are immensely valuable. Eliot is no doubt the profoundest modern poet, and the one with the greatest lasting influence. And it is good to remind us, as the volume does, that in his younger days, Eliot had an irrepressible sense of humor that was gloriously incorrect.

For example, consider "The Triumph of Bullshit," one of tse-tse's "scabrous exuberances," in Ricks's phrase. Stanza one follows:. Ladies, on whom my attentions have waited If you consider my merits are small Etiolated, alembicated, Orotund, tasteless, fantastical, Monotonous, crotchety, constipated, Impotent galamatias Affected, possibly imitated, For Christ's sake stick it up your ass. You can read the rest of this curiously erudite poem here. I knew Ted and Jayne were friends, but that still struck me as a bit awkward since Jayne famously self-published all her books.

Tchaikovsky died today! Petersburg, which is St. Petersburg again after a stint as Leningrad, but I am not. I am listening to Tchaikovsky's fifth to which Lew got me to listen, and the music goes on. And then my friend Chantal Schtenkrek played her violin From the fifth floor of the Bastille Making bright yellow cracks in the glowing Cobblestones below How could any of us have known? A vaguely familiar man enters, stops short, then spews out the gist, based on fuzzy recollection : I work with Andy Kaufman, who is right behind me, and this could be awkward because Andy asked to meet you backstage but was turned away and Andy was crushed because he assumed you were mad at him because you thought Andy has been making fun of you in his act but he really and truly loves your music.

And in walks Andy Kaufman, who and this is not fuzzy stops and stares in surprised awe like he can't believe his own twinkling eyes.


I left them getting along famously. It was when polyester double-knit pants Were coming in and one night this guy Said to me, 'No reason to worry about 'Pants anymore what with the way these 'Double-knit disco pants are coming in,' And I said, 'I agree with you completely,' And he went on, 'Pants are suddenly a 'Non-issue because of the double-knits,' And I said, 'You are correct,' and as he Wonderingly shook his head I insisted, 'Beyond any doubt, what you say is true.

I sew. I love to make my own clothes, I do it badly, But it's very difficult I go to thrift stores, and I buy beautifully embroidered doilies I have no use for them but I love the work, the work is so beautiful, and it's so undervalued. Whereas you see It just annoys me that over centuries women's incredible expertise and artistry and artisanal work is so underappreciated. I may have missed her in the excitement. She deserved every one of her six ovations. This innovation is the fruit of a partnership of Google and Mobilier , the successful, centuries-old, state-managed administration that runs the famous Gobelin weaving operations.

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  8. With this piece she returns to her long-term focus on a world where all is animate and in intimate collaboration. Latour founded her company to look at ways of representing women shorn of stereotype. Et Maintenant is a fruit of this work, looking at ways of sculpting female energy and body into a new form of woman. Stardust is a sophisticated visual treat in the best music video tradition.

    Virgo Weekly Horoscope June 19 - 25 2017 Astrology & Tarot

    After coming up through a wide variety of urban and contemporary dance companies over the last seven years, Dianor has been steadily building a solid reputation for choreographic development in contemporary dance. Suzanne Lummis : Okay, David your turn.

    Like me you've written many noir poems. How about choosing one that illustrates Lynn Emanuel's contention that "form is content in noir movies"? David Lehman : Here's a pantoum. Then the doorbell rang. Time for one more cigarette. He is not in love with a corpse. The venomous drama critic insinuates He is in love with a corpse. The venomous drama critic knows He is sane. He thinks she is dead and she thinks he is rude. Is he sane? Each wonders what the other is doing in her living room. He thinks she is a ghost and she thinks he is rude When the picture on the wall becomes a flesh-and-blood woman.

    The picture on the wall becomes a flesh-and-blood woman: Gene Tierney in Laura. There was something he was forgetting. Click here for other recent noir features we have posted on Sundays since July The general public may know his best-known credit: He wrote the novella The Brave Little Toaster , which became the acclaimed Disney cartoon. But Disch also wrote ten science fiction novels and scores of short stories that placed him at the center of his genre for their uncommon literary adroitness, dry wit and clear-eyed skepticism. His primary calling, however, was as a poet.

    I kept it on my bedside table for periodic re-reading and inspiration.

    Soul moon tarot aries

    It was the failure of an audience to appreciate the scope of what Disch accomplished that, I'm willing to bet, was one cause of his sad, too-early death. Tell her I have plans for that. Regard du Cygne, directed by Amy Swanson, a devotee of the divine Isadora Duncan, is a Paris where-to-go for new-creator dance performance.

    Over the past seven years, the Kalypso festival, a brainchild of the popular choreographer and inclusive culture warhorse Mourad Merzouki, has been promoting hip hop to dance-lovers from every horizon. I am listing four pieces. Babson and his cie Paradox Sal. The venues are easy access for short-term stayers.

    Thoughtfulness is not the exclusive domain of hip-hop. Continue reading "Too cold for a swim, too warm for a cozy read? Creators may be known or new to the scene. Gallois, says the performance note, has designed a set that underlines the physical closeness of her players. Keeping in mind that nightmares cauchemars are, especially, effective dreams and the dreams we tend to remember, Anthologie is, more than anything else a gorgeous multimedia happening that uses a mastery of magic, hypnotism and illusion, along with techniques from film and theater, music, light and video to get the spectator into a waking dream.

    scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo Scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo
    scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo Scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo
    scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo Scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo
    scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo Scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo
    scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo Scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo
    scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo Scarlet moon weekly 27 to 2 tarot virgo

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