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Whilst you can do this within astro. As you look at asteroids in your birthchart, you might find that there are some asteroids in prominent places within your chart. Take a note of these as they will be of special importance to you and give you cosmic clues much more related to who you really are. I often find that my interest in researching an asteroid in my chart coincides with the asteroid going over my angles ascendant,IC,DC,MC or making a hard aspect to one of my personal planets Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Simply complete the form below to book your session. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content There are a couple of ways that I use to check for the position of asteroids in your birthcharts. For a comprehensive look at the position of asteroids Go to www.

To look up a few asteroid positions at a time Go to www. You need to put a comma with no space in between numbers for example: 16,,H56,10 Click Click here to show the chart In my opinion, this option is preferable as it is difficult to look at a chart with more than 6 asteroids, additional centaurs and classical planets.

The numbers represented relative mean distance from the earth. The Moon is close to the earth, and so, I gave it the number one. The Sun is next by mean distance and so I called it two. Mercury was three, Venus four, Mars five, Jupiter six and Saturn seven. Then the pattern changed as follows.

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Aries 5 Libra 4 Taurus 4 Scorpio 5 Gemini 3 Sagittarius 6 Cancer 1 Capricorn 7 Leo 2 Aquarius 7 Virgo 3 Pisces 6 Uranus was discovered in by a musician and astrologers began experimenting. Finally, they came up with the idea the Uranus was the real ruler of Aquarius, rather than Saturn. A surprising thing is that no astrologer came up with the idea that it might rule some other sign other than Aquarius. This concept was immediately accepted by all the astrologers from England to India.

This meant that they unconsciously dropped the seven from the clockwise count and added eight to the counterclockwise count. In , two more back-yard Edisons can along. They were unknown to each other. They were mathematicians, not astronomers. Both computed the position of the planet Neptune from the unaccountable action of Uranus. After the discovery of Neptune, the astrologers experimented and came up with the idea that Neptune, not Jupiter, was the true ruler of Pisces. In assigning Neptune to Pisces, they dropped the six in the clockwise count and added nine in the counterclockwise count.

In , Pluto was discovered by an employee working at Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff in northern Arizona. His name was Clyde Tombaugh.

He was not an astronomer. Anyway, what were the astrologers going to do about Pluto? Well, after noting the sequence already observed, I placed it in Aries. That was the natural place for it to fall according to history. Arithmetically the mathematical sequence indicated that it belonged as the ruler of Aries.

The rest of the astrological profession studied Greek mythology and placed it in Scorpio. I didn't actually announce my position until , eight years after its discovery. During those eight years, I was researching the matter to see whether the empirical information confirmed my view. When it did, I published a small book on the sequence A New Experiment in Astrology and made my announcement. All hell broke loose.

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The vested interests were infuriated. They had already associated Pluto with Scorpio. What right did I have to differ with them?

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A sharp con man from California, who had incorporated his "brotherhood" into a "church," was now a minister instead of a brother. Launching an attack on me, he went out to organize standard astrology , which was to standardize to works of Ptolemy and Allen Leo with all their materialism, and nothing would ever be changed again. I was late getting there and I crossed the whole state of Texas in my car in less than 24 hours to arrive at a.

I was already a weekend late. At a. I looked over the program and discovered a lady who was lecturing on Pluto. That, I must hear. I attended. The woman told about her research on Pluto, described her experiences and concluded that Pluto ruled Aries, not Scorpio.

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What astonished me was that all her claimed experiences were published several years before in a book I wrote on Pluto. When the lecture was over, I was hungry and went to the dining room for breakfast. Before the food arrived, an acquaintance came accompanied by the lady who had delivered the lecture, introduced her and accepted my invitation to join me. I discussed the coincidence but dropped the idea that this might be plagiarism.

The lady seemed very sincere in telling me this had all happened to her.

It wasn't important and I forgot the whole matter. Several years later, this lady had wrote a book. I was to edit it. In it she described Pluto as being the ruler of Scorpio. After that lecture, this was quite a mystery. I wrote and asked her what happened to change her mind.

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She replied and explained, "I wanted to be on the side of the majority. In his Leo Clockwise count system, he called "Y" the controller of Taurus and "Z" the controller of Gemini because the system of double rulership didn't make any sense to him.

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Why should Capricorn get it's own planet and Libra and Taurus don't? While talking about planet "Z" in the book, he mentions Gemini people having a compassionate side that he couldn't attribute to Gemini itself, but to "Z" being in Pisces. In the mid 's he thought "Z" should be coming to it's end in Pisces and was going to switch into Aries.

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